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The Plug Network

The-Plug-NetWork is more than just another average online retailer. With our psychedelics and outer space inspired clothing brand. We are here to give those with and open mind about life, a taste of the wicked side. We design our artwork with a trippy vibe. Our plug logo body has a (369) representing the key to the universe. Its time to become part of The Plug Network family. Subscribe and you might get a chance to win some free Products.

What Our customers say

I ordered a face mask really great quality I can also throw it in the washer I have my second one on the way I love this artwork

Ashley Moore

Cool looking designs I got Myself a sweater and two t-shirts

Daniel Jones

I love The Plug Network as the products are so trendy and fresh for the moment. I got some great Posters and a long sleeve shirt and can't wait to show them off ...

Samantha Pierce

The plug logo design is Sick i have it all over the place I hope to see this brand go far

Rodolfo Contreras

The Plug Network

From the void above and our consciousness expanding we bring to you clothing and accessories you will enjoy and wear with our touch of trippy artwork